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Twitter: @TheWhiskeyPoet

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Facebook: Craig DeMelo The Whiskey Poet

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I spend most of my life playing with words. As a high school English teacher I analyze literature and help my students become better writers. At night I can be found singing at bars, clubs, and restaurants. In between, when I’m not reading, I’m writing — everything from essays and polemics to fiction and poetry.
In 2019 I hope to release some of my literary projects. I recently finished my first novel as well as a collection of poetry which I’m planning on publishing in the coming months. There is also a book of essays in the works. And perhaps another album to join my two previous solo records. I’ve always had a plethora of things to say and perhaps too many ways to say them; this site is nothing more than a place for me to keep it all together. I used to separate my music from my other work, often blogging pseudonymously, but I think it’s time I had the courage of my convictions and posted everything under my name.
In 2018 I received my masters degree in English from Bridgewater State University. I live in Acushnet, Massachusetts with my wife and two children.

Awards and Accolades:

  • 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Award Pop Honorable Mention
    for “So Be It”

  • 2011 Male Vocalist of the Year - Limelight Magazine

  • 2016 WPRI Rhode Show Winner

  • 2018 Masters Thesis Award Winner Bridgewater State University